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In Sanskrit language, ‘padma’ means ‘lotus’. The lotus flower sinks its roots in the mud, grows through the water and then blossoms towards the sun. ‘Padma’ is a symbol of purity, enlightenment and actualization.

Through our services, we will help you to actualize and realize your goals by listening and respecting your needs.

Established in 2018 and based in Italy, Padma Translations is a young business offering top-notch linguistic services. Our owner and founder Roberta Papaleo has been in the business since 2010 when she started as a volunteer translator while finishing her studies.

We guarantee quality and accuracy throughout the entire process – from the first contact to the delivery within the agreed deadlines.

Being our main target language, the extensive knowledge of Italian is our most precious asset and stand-out feature. Besides, resorting to selected language technologies helps us meet both our quality standards and your needs. The combination of these two features guarantees a faster turnaround without undermining the quality of the final result.

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“For those like me who could collaborate with her, Roberta’s precision and professionalism spoke for themselves.”
Claudia A.
Former coworker at












Travel, Leisure and Hospitality


International Politics and Organisations


Food&Beverage and Food Writing


Press, Online Publishing and Media


International Politics and Organisations

Extreme Accuracy

We translate every word accurately and thoroughly to make sure your message is delivered as you intended.

Quality Assurance

We use the best-in-class IT tools and technologies to ensure the consistency and efficiency of our translations and deliver a top-notch service in line with your needs and requirements.

Data Privacy

We ensure the security of your data and the privacy of the information you share and entrust to us.

“Over the years Roberta has always been a reliable and outstanding resource for our company. One of those translator you can always rely on for any kind of matters. 100% recommended.”
Valentino G.
TIP Languages

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